Owning To Win

Whatever your budget, or chosen ownership option, Michael wants you to have a horse with the potential to fulfill your expectations. We stake our reputation upon delivering on that potential. We believe that small prices should not mean small ambitions.

Rapid Applause, owned by the Equine Partners Syndicate, cost just £25,000 as a yearling. With a win and three Group placings, Rapid Applause finished 2014 as one of the top fifty 2yo’s in the world.

If you wish to purchase yearlings, we will do all the heavy lifting for you – taking your through the selection process, buying, breaking and registration. If it is a horse in training you are looking for, our horses we personally own are for sale, and shared-ownership with Michael is also an option.
All owners are valued equally at Crotanstown, and are welcome to visit the yard at any time. We keep our owners fully informed of their horse’s progress, with regular gallops updates, videos and photos. Professional drone footage can be arranged easily.
If you would like to visit Crotanstown to discuss your ownership options with us, and to see our facilities, just call Michael to arrange it.

Individual Ownership
  • This is the most popular form of ownership in Irish and English racing.
  • This option enables single owner to decide upon such issues as registration of colours and the horse’s name, etc…
  • When getting involved in individual ownership, one must complete the registration process with Turf Club.
Syndicate Ownership
  • Consists of 2 to 20 members.
  • All members must sign the Registration of Syndicates form.
  • The horse is leased to one member of the syndicate, who must be a registered owner.
  • This person is considered the registered agent/manager for the syndicate and is regarded as the sole owner for racing purposes.
Racing Club
  • May own and run a horse or horses, and can consist of unlimited members.
  • N.B. There’s no guarantee that your horse will WIN!
Partnership Ownership
  • Consists of 2 to 4 people.
  • All partners must be registered as owners.
  • Can run in the name of all the partners.
Company Ownership
  • Give your employees a day out.
  • A company may own and run a racehorse in its name and carry logo on paddock sheet etc.
  • This approval must be gained through application to the Turf Club.
  • The company must appoint a registered agent, ideally a company director or company secretary.
  • This is tax efficient.
  • The agent must sign the necessary registration forms on behalf of the company.